In November 2010, the Center for Teaching & Learning organized a task force composed of adjunct faculty, charged with the task of offering advice on how part-time faculty might share teaching practices and to propose mechanisms for improving teaching services.

    The resulting Adjunct Task Force worked through the beginning of the fall 2011 semester, and produced a report:

    Improving the adjunct faculty experience at Queens College (PDF)

    The report offers nineteen recommendations, related to three areas for improvement:

    • access to college information, communications, and resources;
    • adjunct representation and community; and
    • professional opportunities and development.


    Task Force Members:

    Jennifer Almaktari, Sociology
    Julian Cornell, Media Studies
    Marc Farrior, English
    Johnny Lew, English
    Jane Lindamood, Music
    Diane Menna, English
    Susan Meswick, Anthropology
    Tommy Mintz, Art
    Fei-Wen Pirovolikos, Biology
    Ken Ryesky, Accounting
    Luisanna Sardu, European Languages and Literatures
    Jennifer Sloan, Sociology
    Richard Vetere, Media Studies
    Abe Walker, Sociology, Urban Studies
    Lori Yamato, Comparative Literature
    Simone L. Yearwood, Graduate School of Library and Information Studies

    Facilitators from the Center for Teaching & Learning:

    Eva Fernández, Linguistics & Communication Disorders
    Lisa Vaia, English

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