Call for nominations/self-nominations to serve on Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee

The Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee has announced a call for nominees to serve on the committee. There are two faculty positions open. All faculty members (adjuncts and full-time faculty) are encouraged to apply.

The Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee consists of two faculty members or one faculty member and one member of the Higher Education Officer series (HEO), and two student members. One faculty member shall serve as a chair of the Committee. When any students violating the code of behavior or any law or regulation established by the College, and by the city, state or federal government, the role of the Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee is to listen to the testimony, ask questions of the witnesses, review the testimony and evidence presented at the hearing and the papers filed by the parties and render a determination. In the event the respondent is found to have committed the conduct charged, the committee shall determine the penalty to be imposed.

The newly-elected members will be trained before serving on the committee.

Send nominations to Vice President for Student Affairs Adam Rockman, vpsa@qc.cuny.edu.

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