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Getting Started with a Qwriting Course Site

Some of you might not know that Qwriting is available to all members of the Queens College community (faculty, students and staff) who may create as many sites as they want and for any purpose that does not violate Queens College and/or CUNY Policies. In this tip, we will focus on getting you started creating your own Qwriting Course Site.  But first, why would you want to in the first place?  Let’s take a deep
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How (and Why) to Use Open Educational Resources

By adopting Open Educational Resources (OER) or other zero-cost course materials, you make college more affordable and accessible for all our students.
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Start-of-the-semester checklist, Fall 2019

Get organized with Blackboard, Google Classroom, CUNYfirst and more.
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End-of-semester checklist, Spring 2019

A checklist to help you wrap up the spring semester.
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Best practices for crafting multiple choice questions

Why use multiple choice tests: Faculty use multiple choice questions for different reasons. Some have just a few multiple choice questions along slide short answer or essay questions, other may construct their entire assessment with multiple choice questions.  Multiple choice questions are a good way to quickly determining students basic understand of the class material. They also standardize grading and can be less
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Quantitative Reasoning in Writing

Suppose you want to include some mortality statistics in the introductory section of a paper about the Black Plague in fourteenth-century Europe. Poor: “There were 25 million deaths.” Do you teach a class that includes writing? Do your students ever include numbers in their writing? Often when students writing includes numbers, these numbers have insufficient context to provide meaningful insight. Consider the follow
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Start-of-the-semester checklist, Spring 2019

Here’s a checklist to help you get organized for teaching as the semester approaches.  If you use Blackboard for course management Make your course available (when it’s ready for viewing!). The default setting for a course shell is “not currently available.” On the home page of your course, look for the padlock icon on the upper right. Click on it to toggle between Make Available and Make Unavailable.If you don’
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End-of-Semester Checklist, Fall 2018

A checklist to help you wrap up the fall semester.
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Bad weather back-up plan

How do you make up class sessions when you and your students can't get to campus? Set up your emergency cancellation contingency plans now, so that when the unexpected comes, you’re ready.
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