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How to email your students from CUNYfirst

Here’s how to use CUNYfirst to email your class: From the Faculty Center Browse to my schedule and select a class. This will take you to the class roster page for that class, which contains a table listing all enrolled students. You will see a checkbox for each student in the second column, to select or unselect students. Scroll to the bottom of the class roster page, where you will find two buttons: Use notify
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Back-up Plans for Course Interruption: What Everyone Needs to Know

The Center for Teaching and Learning recommends preparing back-up or contingency plans in the event of an emergency such as a widespread quarantine or the decision to shut down CUNY campuses to contain the spread of COVID-19.
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End-of-semester checklist, Fall 2019

An end-of-the-semester-checklist
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Getting Started with a Qwriting Course Site

Create and publish websites for course-related sites, departmental websites, personal journals for students and faculty, research sharing and collaboration.
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How (and Why) to Use Open Educational Resources

By adopting Open Educational Resources (OER) or other zero-cost course materials, you make college more affordable and accessible for all our students.
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Start-of-the-semester checklist, Fall 2019

Get organized with Blackboard, Google Classroom, CUNYfirst and more.
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End-of-semester checklist, Spring 2019

A checklist to help you wrap up the spring semester.
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Best practices for crafting multiple choice questions

Why use multiple choice tests: Faculty use multiple choice questions for different reasons. Some have just a few multiple choice questions along slide short answer or essay questions, other may construct their entire assessment with multiple choice questions.  Multiple choice questions are a good way to quickly determining students basic understand of the class material. They also standardize grading and can be less
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Quantitative Reasoning in Writing

Provide students with a clear demonstration of how to effectively present numbers in context.
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