Teaching Tips

Save time and stay informed with RSS feeds

Finding and keeping up with online content can be a challenging task. Using the RSS tool can eliminate a lot of that frustration.
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Using DirectSubmit for SafeAssign Submissions

If students submit assignments before you set up SafeAssign, you can take their uploaded files and submit them yourself through DirectSubmit.
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Citation Managers: a boring topic that will save you a LOT of time.

Kelly Blanchat, Electronic Resources Librarian and Instructor at Rosenthal Library, describes some resources that will save you a lot of time when doing research.
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Oral History

Are you contemplating adding an oral history component to a course or research project? Learning about the past through the memories of those who experienced it firsthand can be a rewarding experience for students; it also has the potential to add previously unknown or marginalized perspectives to the historic record. With this tip we introduce the collaboration between Queens Library and Queens College
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Tech Tips from the Teaching Circle

When we integrate technology into teaching, we constantly encounter hardware and software issues, as well as issues related to how people interact with machines. Get some advice on teaching with technology from the Teaching Circle blog.
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Do you have a snow day back-up plan?

The “storm of the century” is probably not yet behind us. You should set up your emergency cancellation contingency plans now, so that when the unexpected comes, you’re ready.
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What’s new in Blackboard for 2015

By now you have probably read about the upgrade to Blackboard, scheduled for December 29 through December 30. In this tip we describe some new features that come with the upgrade.
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How to claim your QC G Suite for Education account

With Google Apps for Education, you can create documents and websites, store and share files, create and share calendars, and much more. Get started by claiming your QC Google Apps account.
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Introduction to Google Forms

Expand your assessment toolkit: learn how to use Google Forms to create a self-paced quiz with logic branching.
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Top ten things you can do before the start of the semester

Are you ready for fall 2014? Here’s a checklist to prepare you for the new semester: learn (or remember!) how to check your course information, determine Instruction Mode, find your class rosters, and more.
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