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What’s new in Blackboard for 2015

By now you have probably read about the upgrade to Blackboard, scheduled for December 29 through December 30. In this tip we describe some new features that come with the upgrade.
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How to claim your QC G Suite for Education account

With Google Apps for Education, you can create documents and websites, store and share files, create and share calendars, and much more. Get started by claiming your QC Google Apps account.
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Introduction to Google Forms

Expand your assessment toolkit: learn how to use Google Forms to create a self-paced quiz with logic branching.
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Top ten things you can do before the start of the semester

Are you ready for fall 2014? Here’s a checklist to prepare you for the new semester: learn (or remember!) how to check your course information, determine Instruction Mode, find your class rosters, and more.
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Adding streaming video to your course

Did you know that academic databases can be collaborative, even creative? Beyond just search & retrieve, users of Alexander Street Press can customize and manipulate music and video content with custom video clips, sound bites, and playlists. Better, even, is that it’s so easy to use and available from Queens College Libraries.
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Linking to Queens College Libraries from Blackboard

Did you know you can link directly to most of the libraries' electronic resources from Blackboard or other class management sites? This tech tip, a guest post by Kelly M. Blanchat (E-Resources Librarian at Rosenthal Library), will guide you through constructing permanent links to the library's databases, so that students will be able to access resources whether they are on or off campus.
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What’s new in Blackboard?

Q: What happened to the Early Warning System? A: It's now called the Retention Center. Read about this and other features of the recent Blackboard upgrade.
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Class Rosters

Want to check your students' names and their contact information? You can get that from CUNYfirst and Blackboard. Here's how...
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PDF creation and editing tools

Do you need to create a PDF file? Combine two or more PDF files? Rotate the pages? You could spend a few hundred dollars on software that does all that and more. This month's Teaching & Learning Tip introduces you to a few free or low cost alternatives for making PDF files, using your departmental photocopier, your computer, or even your smartphone.
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Blackboard Early Warning System

The Blackboard Early Warning System is a tool for monitoring student progress and notifying those who may be struggling. You can find it and related tools in the Blackboard Control Panel's Evaluation tab.
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