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Why use ePortfolio?

What are ePortfolios? How are they used for reflection and showcasing one's work? How are they different from course management systems or systems for student assessment? This post summarizes some of the key uses of ePortfolios, and encourages you to think about how "the future is electronic".
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Why should I do lecture capture?

Lecture capturing (recording a lecture so students students can view it later) provides flexibility and convenience in delivering course content, and offers some learning benefits for students. Learn about the benefits of lecture capture and explore some options available for Queens College faculty.
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When asked to write a letter of recommendation…

So a student asks you to write a letter of recommendation… Will you do it? What should you write? How should you send it? Read on for some guidance and links to more resources that will guide you on the process, from accepting or declining to write, to actually writing and sending the letter off.
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Wikipedia: “Even educated fleas do it” (Cole Porter)

For the 18th C Philosophes it was not enough to want to shed the Light of Reason on all surrounding obscure(d) things. With the Encyclopédie, Diderot and d’Alembert also aspired to enlighten all those hitherto (kept) in the dark. Could Wikipedia be considered a measure of that endeavor’s success?
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A mid-semester course evaluation: By you, for you

Can't wait to see your students' responses to the official course evaluations? Those glorious data and juicy comments are available after it's all over, too late to influence the way your class is going. Why not design your own evaluation questionnaire and let your students fill it out now, when there is still plenty of time to cut, trim, add, boost, redress, repair, restore, fix, mend, overhaul, and make your cours
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What is Netiquette and why should I teach it?

Your students email, facebook, tweet, and text all the time. But do they need to learn Netiquette? And, if they do, why should you be the one who teaches them?
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How do I ask for help?

You should never be afraid to ask for help with instructional technologies, and the CTL technologists are available to support you. But "Help! I can't see my Blackboard course!" is not the most efficient way to start troubleshooting. This post offers some tips on how to better communicate a tech problem.
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A Blackboard Roadmap: What? Why?

Blackboard? Our roadmap covers how this behemoth can be put to work to handle your course logistics and smooth your workflow from the beginning to the end of the semester. In seven minutes or less, let this Blackboard Roadmap take you through the advantages of setting up your course in Blackboard. See how Blackboard can securely shelter your course files and organize them in an appetizing menu, and can make all or
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your.name@qc.cuny.edu: What’s it good for?

There are some very good reasons for using your @qc.cuny.edu email address, and living with your college email can be made easier if you set up access to suit your technological preferences.
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Taking attendance

Submitting attendance rosters at the beginning of the semester is required for all courses offered at Queens College. Learn why this requirement is in place, and read about some of the ways that you can make taking attendance more efficient and maybe even more fun.
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