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PDF creation and editing tools

Do you need to create a PDF file? Combine two or more PDF files? Rotate the pages? You could spend a few hundred dollars on software that does all that and more. This month's Teaching & Learning Tip introduces you to a few free or low cost alternatives for making PDF files, using your departmental photocopier, your computer, or even your smartphone.
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Blackboard Early Warning System

The Blackboard Early Warning System is a tool for monitoring student progress and notifying those who may be struggling. You can find it and related tools in the Blackboard Control Panel's Evaluation tab.
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Avoiding predatory publishers in open access publishing

Open access journals have benefits not just to financially strained academic libraries but to faculty and graduate students seeking broad exposure of their research. However, not all publishers of such journals are reputable. Learn how to protect yourself from predatory publishers.
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Faculty Center – Ready for Fall 2013

Are you ready for fall 2013? Learn how to check your course information (including Instruction Mode) in the CUNYfirst Faculty Center.
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Wrestling the alligator: Blackboard Grade Center tips

We have been asked many times by our colleagues how one goes about dropping the lowest grade from a set of assignments, tests, and/or heterogeneous graded items. Since this process is simple, on one hand, and challenging -- in that it involves specific Blackboard knowledge -- on the other, we felt it might be a very helpful process to walk you through a solution to this goal.
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Saving time: The art of the shortcut

As the spring semester enters its late stages and many of us are feeling the pressure of our schedules, it is a good time to brush up on some keyboard techniques to improve efficiency and quality of life.
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Teaching green

Spring is finally here, and with Earth Day 2013 practically around the corner, now is a great time to consider adopting practices to make your teaching more environmentally friendly. How can you make your teaching more “green”?
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What should I know about Copyright and Fair Use?

A PDF of article you want your students to read, a JPG file of a work of art you would like to show on your class website, an MP3 or an MP4 of a musical performance for your students to listen to or watch and comment on... Electronic files like these are increasingly easy to get a hold of and share on the Internet, and sharing for educational purposes constitutes fair use --- or does it?
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How do I enforce Academic Integrity?

Detecting incidents of cheating and plagiarism has always presented challenges in higher education and unfortunately, digital technology facilitates academic dishonesty. Familiarizing yourself and your students with existing policies is one way to begin to address this issue.
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Why should you try Dropbox?

Dropbox is a cloud-based file storage solution which helps you not only manage your files but also automatically back them up and access them from multiple locations. It is also a great tool for collaboration. Learn how this system can help you avoid trouble with files.
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