Class Rosters

It’s the beginning of a new semester, and by now you have taught all of your courses at least once (if not more times).  This could be a good time to explore some shortcuts for looking at and exporting your class roster, so you can use it to familiarize yourself with your students and so you can take attendance.

Where is my class roster?

There are two places where you will find your class roster.

1. CUNYfirst, http://home.cunyfirst.cuny.edu

Screenshot of a "class roster" page in CUNYfirst's FacultyCenter, showing the top of the roster for a class.

Screenshot of a “class roster” page in CUNYfirst’s FacultyCenter, showing the top of the roster for a class. Click to embiggen.

Go to the Faculty Center, browse to the “class roster” for one of your classes, and a list of your enrolled students will appear.  The table includes information about your students’ undergraduate or graduate status and declared majors and minors (“Program and Plan” column), and their class standing (“Level” column).  You can scan this information to learn about your students’ academic track.  The table also lists special statuses (e.g., for students who withdraw from your class).  The ID column lists your students’ EMPLIDs, which is CUNYfirst’s unique identifier number.

Student names in this column are hyperlinked with their email addresses, so this is a handy way for getting in touch with individual students (or with your entire class).

2. Blackboard, https://bbhosted.cuny.edu/webapps/login/NoPortal (or http://www.cuny.edu, if you prefer logging in through the CUNY Portal)

Within Blackboard, you can get a list of your students at the Grade Center or in the Users page of the Users and Groups area.

How do I download the roster?

Maybe you want to make a sign-in sheet, or want to create an offline gradebook, but you don’t feel like retyping everybody’s name.
Downloading the roster so you can manipulate it offline will save you lots of time.

Screenshot of options for downloading grades in Blackboard.

Screenshot of options for downloading grades in Blackboard. Click to embiggen.

1. In CUNYfirst, browse to the “class roster” page and look for the tiny “download” icon along the top of the table listing all of your students; the icon looks like this:

Download icon in class roster table

Click that icon (make sure pop-ups are enabled!) and you will be prompted to save an Excel file that will contain the same information as the table on the “class roster” page, so your students’ names will appear in a single column: Lastname,Firstname.  A tutorial on how to download a class roster in CUNYfirst is available here.

2. In Blackboard, in the Grade Center area, click “Full Grade Center” and look for the “Work Offline” menu on the top right of the page.  You get two options: “Upload” and “Download”.  Select “Download”, and you will be given the option to download the entire grade center or just a selected grade column.  Either choice will work, if all you want is your students’ first and last names, in separate columns.  You have additional options about the way the data will display in the downloaded file.  Make your selections, click “Submit”, and you will be taken to a new page where you will be able to download your file.

  1. Eva Fernández
    If you want to email your class from your own email account, it’s best not to use Blackboard to gather the email addresses from your students. The most efficient way to do this is CUNYfirst, and we have a Tech Tip on it: http://ctl.qc.cuny.edu/why-should-i-email-my-class-from-cunyfirst/ (The very last paragraph has the detail you’re looking for.)
  2. Hanaa Wahba
    I was able to get the class roster through the Blackboard but I couldn't get their emails. I would like to email the whole class using my email, not the Blackboard. Please let me know how can I do that! Thanks! Adjunct Professor, Hanaa Wahba

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