Lynda.com at Queens College


Queens College has acquired a site license that provides faculty, staff, and students with access to the Lynda.com online education platform. You can use Lynda.com to

  • learn a new skill or brush up on a skill you already know.
  • follow “learning paths” on a particular area or skill set.
  • make your own video playlists and share them with colleagues.
  • track your own learning progress.

Lynda.com content focuses on business, technology, productivity, and career development. Login to Lynda.com at http://lynda.qc.cuny.edu using your Queens College credentials (username “jdoe” for faculty and staff, “jdoe101” for students).

Our recommendations for the new semester:
Blackboard Essential Training
Google Drive Essential Training
Use the Notebook tab to take notes as you play the video.
Download project files to follow along with the lesson.

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