Workshop: Mindfulness Practice for Professors and Staff, Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013

Mindfulness-logo-bugThe CTL series on mindfulness practices in teaching and learning continues this semester, led by Professor Rikki Asher (SEYS), with monthly sessions scheduled 1pm to 2pm in Razran Hall room 360.

Wednesday, Oct. 16: Mindfulness Practice for Professors and Staff
Practice being present as you move through your day. How can we learn methods to settle the mind, thoughts and projections? Mindful e-mailing will be discussed.
Register at: http://tinyurl.com/mindfulness-16Oct13

Upcoming workshops cancelled.

Cancelled: Wednesday, Nov. 20: Basic Yoga and Sitting
Simple standing yoga asanas will be taught, along with mindful sitting. How can simple movements enhance our sitting and our daily lives? No prior yoga skills necessary.

Cancelled: Wednesday, Dec. 18: Mindfulness and Compassion
How to find compassion towards yourself and others through mindfulness? How does compassion make a difference? Why learn about it?

For more information, please contact Rikki Asher (rikki.asher@qc.cuny.edu).

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