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Getting Started with a Qwriting Course Site

Create and publish websites for course-related sites, departmental websites, personal journals for students and faculty, research sharing and collaboration.
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What’s in a syllabus?

Your course syllabus can be organized and formatted however you wish.  Some guidelines endorsed by the QC Academic Senate (back in 2009) are provided here, by the Office of the Provost. Consider including all of the following on your syllabus: Here is some suggested language for university- and college-wide policies and services.  (If you will be using both an electronic and a paper syllabus, it is good to include UR
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E-Resource Updates from QC Libraries

New Databases PBS Video Collection (Alexander Street Press), a digital collection of over 245 streaming videos from the history of PBS; relevant to academic curricula, the collection includes American Experience, Frontline, History Detectives, NOVA, and films by Ken Burns and Michael Wood. As with all Alexander Street Press video collections, each video is fully transcribed and indexed, and users can create & sha
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Guide to Creating Effective Research Assignments

The Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library's Teaching and Learning Committee has produced a Guide to Creating Effective Research Assignments for instructors looking to incorporate the latest library resources into their courses.
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