Course Evaluations have begun for Spring 2018!

Don't wait: Evaluate card

Spring Data will be released to faculty in June.

Deadline May 10th.

Please take the time to encourage your students to contribute evaluations for all of the courses.

 Course evaluations are an essential aspect of our assessment activities. Professors asking students to evaluate has been the most effective method by a large margin.

There are several ways to encourage your students to fill out their evaluations.


Threshold IncentivesOffer incentives if a certain percentage fills out the evaluations. For example, one faculty member promised to bring doughnuts to the final exam if over 90% of the course filled out their evaluations. Some Professors also choose to give everyone bonus points if a certain percentage of the course evaluates. There can be several levels for threshold incentives. for example: 70% will get doughnuts for the class, 90% doughnuts and coffee. This is by far the most effective method of encouraging evaluations.

Individual IncentivesProfessors also have the option of offering individual incentives to students. Submitting an evaluation might get that student a bonus point on the exam or a doughnut specifically for them. After evaluating their Professor, the student sees a button labeled “send proof.” Clicking send proof sends an email to the Professor’s QC Email informing them that the student evaluated their course. The content of the evaluation is not revealed and will always be anonymous.

A combination: You can also offer both, a certain incentive for individuals, and an added incentive if the course reaches that threshold.


Ask during Class (and/or insert a slide): Remind your students to evaluate during class. You can also add this slide to the end of your lecture. Students can easily enter the URL  (the site is very mobile friendly).

Course Evaluation Slide

Post a reminder on BlackboardYou can post an announcement on your Blackboard course reminding students to evaluate their courses


You will be able to see a list of courses you are teaching that will be evaluated this semester, and you will be able to track progress as your students submit their evaluations. Use your Queens College ID and password to login to the site.

If you have any technical issues logging in please contact the Help Desk at Helpdesk@qc.cuny.edu.

If you have any other questions please contact Rachel Stern at Rstern@qc.cuny.edu, at the Center for Teaching & Learning.


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