QC’s Move to Microsoft Office 365 (O365) Cloud Environment Email System

Queens College recently announced that the current QC email system will be replaced with Microsoft Office 365 (O365),  a cloud-based email system accessible through the cloud. From the recent announcement from the Office of Information Technology Services: “You will access the new email using your CUNYfirst login which has the benefit of making QC a single sign-on environment. You will be able to access and continue
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How to email your students from CUNYfirst

Here’s how to use CUNYfirst to email your class: From the Faculty Center Browse to my schedule and select a class. This will take you to the class roster page for that class, which contains a table listing all enrolled students. You will see a checkbox for each student in the second column, to select or unselect students. Scroll to the bottom of the class roster page, where you will find two buttons: Use notify
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Back-up Plans for Course Interruption: What Everyone Needs to Know

The Center for Teaching and Learning recommends preparing back-up or contingency plans in the event of an emergency such as a widespread quarantine or the decision to shut down CUNY campuses to contain the spread of COVID-19.
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Why should I email my class from CUNYfirst?

CUNYfirst can be used to email students enrolled in the classes you're teaching. In some situations, emailing your class from CUNYfirst can be easier and more effective than other means.
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What is Netiquette and why should I teach it?

Your students email, facebook, tweet, and text all the time. But do they need to learn Netiquette? And, if they do, why should you be the one who teaches them?
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A Blackboard Roadmap: What? Why?

Blackboard? Our roadmap covers how this behemoth can be put to work to handle your course logistics and smooth your workflow from the beginning to the end of the semester. In seven minutes or less, let this Blackboard Roadmap take you through the advantages of setting up your course in Blackboard. See how Blackboard can securely shelter your course files and organize them in an appetizing menu, and can make all or
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your.name@qc.cuny.edu: What’s it good for?

There are some very good reasons for using your @qc.cuny.edu email address, and living with your college email can be made easier if you set up access to suit your technological preferences.
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