Why should you try Dropbox?

Dropbox is a cloud-based file storage solution which helps you not only manage your files but also automatically back them up and access them from multiple locations. It is also a great tool for collaboration. Learn how this system can help you avoid trouble with files.
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A mid-semester course evaluation: By you, for you

Can't wait to see your students' responses to the official course evaluations? Those glorious data and juicy comments are available after it's all over, too late to influence the way your class is going. Why not design your own evaluation questionnaire and let your students fill it out now, when there is still plenty of time to cut, trim, add, boost, redress, repair, restore, fix, mend, overhaul, and make your cours
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Taking attendance

Submitting attendance rosters at the beginning of the semester is required for all courses offered at Queens College. Learn why this requirement is in place, and read about some of the ways that you can make taking attendance more efficient and maybe even more fun.
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