Tech Tips from the Teaching Circle

When we integrate technology into teaching, we constantly encounter hardware and software issues, as well as issues related to how people interact with machines. Get some advice on teaching with technology from the Teaching Circle blog.
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Teaching online at Queens College: A 3-5 minute survey

There’s still time to let us know how you’re teaching online, and tell us about resources you want to learn more about.  It just takes a few minutes of your time. Your responses, which are being collected anonymously, will be used internally to help us develop more fine-tuned faculty development. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Point your browser here to take the survey (3-5 minutes we̵
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Why should I do lecture capture?

Lecture capturing (recording a lecture so students students can view it later) provides flexibility and convenience in delivering course content, and offers some learning benefits for students. Learn about the benefits of lecture capture and explore some options available for Queens College faculty.
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What is Netiquette and why should I teach it?

Your students email, facebook, tweet, and text all the time. But do they need to learn Netiquette? And, if they do, why should you be the one who teaches them?
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