Workshops on Engaging Large Classes: Monday, Oct. 7, 2013

Engaging Large Classes: Are you teaching a class with more than 40 students? Queens College is offering an increasing number of large classes with some classes exceeding 200 students. Engaging students in large classes can be a particular challenge.

We are offering a set of three workshops that will help you design your class to more effectively engage your students. While you can attend any single workshop, we would encourage you to register for all three. The workshops will be run by Dr. Holtzman from the Department of Biology. She regularly teaches classes of over 150 students.

Please register for each event independently. Each event will be held during MONDAY FREE HOUR in Faculty Development Lab Razran 360.

To register, point your browser to the link below each date.

October 7: Engaging Large Classes 1: What do you really want your students to learn?
Tutorials: Creating tests in Blackboard:

If you would like to use Poll Everywhere (a web-based polling platform) in your class, sign up at:

To share your teaching experiences with the CUNY community, go to 
CTL’s Teaching and Learning Tips blog:

Upcoming sessions in this series:

November 4th: Engaging Large Classes 2: Class Management

November 11th: Brown bag lunch (a chance for people to come informally and talk education with Dr. Holtzman and colleagues).

December 9th: Large Classes 3: Experiential Learning Strategies

Participation is free and open to full- and part-time faculty.

Please contact Nathalia Holtzman (Nathalia.holtzman@qc.cuny.edu) for more information.

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